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Orca The Shetland Orca - Velvet Pillow

Orca The Shetland Orca - Velvet Pillow

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Introducing the enchanting Luscious Orca Whale Pillow – a cuddly delight that brings the magic of the seas right into your child's arms! Crafted from the softest, smoothest velvet, this pillow captures the essence of the magnificent Orca whales that grace the coasts of Shetland with their graceful presence.

Imagine snuggling up to a pillow that's as velvety as a calm ocean surface, its plush texture inviting gentle dreams and soothing slumbers. The Orca shape is skillfully designed to mirror the majestic creatures that have become famous in the Isles, delighting kids with its playful charm and familiar aquatic grace.

With its midnight black and pure white hues, the Orca whale pillow evokes the striking contrast of these remarkable animals as they glide through the northern waters. Your child's imagination will embark on underwater adventures as they cozy up to this whimsical friend, inspired by the real-life wonders of the ocean.

This pillow isn't just a plush companion; it's a gateway to exploration and wonder. Let your little one's dreams swim alongside the Orca whales, discovering the mysteries of the deep blue sea. Whether used for bedtime snuggles, imaginative play, or as a cozy companion during storytime, the Luscious Orca Whale Pillow is an irresistible addition to any child's room, bringing the beauty of Shetland's coasts and the magic of marine life right into their hearts.

Available Sizes and Pricing:

- Velvet 7.9"x7.9": £13.99
- Velvet 11.8"x11.8": £16.99
- Velvet 15.7"x15.7": £18.99
- Velvet 19.7"x19.7": £22.99
- Velvet 23.6"x23.6": £24.99

All made to order by hand in London.

Sizes: 40 x 40 cm (15.7") or 50 x 50 cm (19.7") or 60 x 60 cm (23.6")
Double stitching and over-locked
Strong YKK hidden zip
Dye-sublimation printing Front and back
Machine washable

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