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Island Made

A fine selection of clothing and homeware items, designed and created by local artists and business from islands around the UK.

I’m a Shetlander, born and bred, and I’m passionate about preserving the culture of our islands through products that are fun, useful and sentimental, while at the same time, showcasing the talent of local artists and makers.

Shetland Recipes

Super ways for you and your loved ones to keep your favourite Shetland recipes through beautiful illustrations.

Some of the favourites include Shetland Bannocks, Reestit Mutton, Bronnie, Stap, Rhubarb Crumble etc.

Reestit Mutton Soup

12 products

Shetland Bannock recipe

24 products

Speak Love, Spread Love

67 products

Runas Love

28 products

Porto Mary

19 products

Pattern Collection

Scalloway castle

33 products


30 products


21 products

Proud Puffin

108 products

Breeks a burden

18 products

Dey hiv a but, but nae ben

15 products

Mending nets

25 products

A Peerie Start

26 products

Fair Isle

21 products

Darren - The Store Creator

Hi, I’m Darren. I’m from Hamnavoe in Burra, Shetland. I created Island Made because I’m passionate about Shetland and our way of life here, both now and in the past.

I’ve always been amazed at how innovative and forward thinking Shetlanders are and I’m eager to help keep our culture and heritage alive by showcasing some our best handiwork both within Shetland and elsewhere.

Local artist, Lauren Butler, has come up with some bonnie drawings for the fun and handy products you see here, illustrating the best recipes and sayings that Shetland is famed for, for you to have in your home and to wow loved ones with.

Coming soon, you’ll find some nostalgic beauties that will have you reminiscing about the famous (or infamous for some of us!) nightspots from over the years, including The Planets, North Start and The Excelsior.

If you have any products you would like to have listed, I would love to hear from you, please drop me a message at

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